About the Office of Student Support and Family Engagement

The Office of Student Support and Family Engagement, part of the Division of Student Affairs, welcomes you and your family into the GW community. We are a community of scholars, artists, scientists, visionaries, and athletes. We are from all over the world and from right here in the United States. We embrace the diversity within our community while celebrating our individuality. We take care of each other in times of need, and we "Raise High" to celebrate each other's triumphs. GW faculty and staff will help our students achieve their dreams, even if they haven't figured out what they are yet!

As you and your student will learn, there is no such thing as a typical GW experience, and there is no "right way" to approach the college years. Some students know the groups they want to join, the classes they want to take, and the first company where they want to work. Some students have no idea and that's perfectly okay; we're here to help them take the first steps towards figuring it out.

Although our focus will be on your student, there are a variety of resources specifically designed to help parents and families adjust to the transition available on our First Class Module for Parents and Families, a comprehensive on-line learning portal that provides information on:

  • academic curricular requirements,
  • class registration,
  • immunization and health information,
  • student privacy,
  • financial/student account information,
  • and so much more.

This module will be updated regularly with timely information about campus activities, events, and opportunities.

Contact our office for First Class login information.