CARE Network

At GW, we aim to create a Colonial community that cares for one another. From the moment students arrive on campus, they begin to find their place at the university. The college experience can often be challenging, and asking for help can be difficult.

The CARE Network is a cross departmental support system so students can be as successful as possible through graduation.  Students are connected to resources through inter-departmental collaboration to provide them with appropriate and personalized outreach. 

The following list are examples of issues that may cause concern: 

  • Is the student missing multiple classes?
  • Is there something going on in the family (ex. death in family, divorce, financial concerns) that may negatively affect the student’s performance?
  • Have you noticed a change in the student’s behavior?
  • Is the student presenting signs of being in distress (feelings overwhelmed, wanting to give up, or other signs of significant stress)?
  • Is the student isolating him or herself?

Does your student need extra support? Please use the CARE Network Report form.