Family Engagement Opportunities

We recognize that going to college is a new chapter not only in the lives of the students, but also in the lives of parents and family members.   The next four years will bring a wealth of new experiences to your student, and will offer many ways for you to become involved at GW!   Because you are an integral part of this transition, you may be interested in participating in the GW Family Ambassador Program.  Listed below are focus areas we are continuing to develop this academic year. 

·         Career Engagement- In partnership with the Center for Career Services, this area will focus on expanding career and internship opportunities for students.

·         Family Communication- In partnership with the Office of Student Support and Family Engagement, this area will focus on expanding the types and nature of communication with parents and families.

·         Event Volunteering- This includes volunteering at events on-campus, throughout the United States, and internationally. 

·         Family Philanthropy- In partnership with the GW Family Philanthropy team, this area will focus on families supporting students through financial contributions that impact all areas of student life. 


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Family Engagement Opportunities