Family Orientation

Welcome to the Colonial community!  We invite you to attend our optional Family Orientation Program on the afternoon of Saturday, August 26, 2017.  There is often an adjustment period – for both students and their families – whether your student is a new freshman or transferring into GW.  We understand that you may have questions and want to know what to expect regarding your student’s college experience.

During the on-campus family orientation, you will receive additional information that may assist in supporting your student through their college transition.  You will have the opportunity to attend a variety of informational sessions on topics ranging from career services to safety and security to building community and diversity on campus.  You will also be able to hear from current GW families about their experiences, and to attend a Campus Services Fair to talk with university departments and campus resources dedicated to supporting your student’s GW experience. 

Click here to register for the on-campus family orientation program on Saturday, August 26, 2017.  If for any reason you aren’t able to join us that afternoon, please know that all information from the presentations will be available through our online Family First Class module.

I would also like to remind you to continue to check the Family First Class module over the next few weeks and into the fall semester as you have questions.  This comprehensive online learning portal provides information on academic curriculum requirements, student life, FERPA (student privacy), and financial aid/ student account information.  The module is updated regularly with timely information about campus activities, events, and opportunities.  Click here to access the module, the login and password can be viewed here