Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I’m arriving a day before the start of my June CI session, can I check in early to the dorm?

Answer: Unfortunately, we’re not able to accommodate students’ early arrival. Students are encouraged to stay in one of the many hotels in the area if arriving the night before or to sign-up for a session that starts later on day 1. 

Question: Is student housing provided and will the rooms have sheets and blankets?
Answer: Yes, housing is provided during the June CI sessions for students. We provide sheets, a pillow, towels, soap, and toilet paper in the rooms. Students are encouraged to bring another blanket and/or pillow if they want to be more comfortable. Students attending an August or January session will move directly into their fall or spring housing assignment prior to the session starting.

Question: Do I have to do anything before coming to CI?
Answer: All freshmen students (including those signed up to attend August CI 7) should complete Part 1 of GW 101 in Blackboard before registering for classes in June. This module is designed to help you prepare to sign-up for classes, acclimate you to the academic community at GW, and introduce you to CI. The module will be available starting April 18th and you can access it by logging in to Blackboard using your netID (first part of your GW email) and password.

Question: When do I sign up for classes?
Answer: Freshmen students attending a June on-campus CI session will sign up for classes on day 2 of their program. Freshmen students who are attending the August CI 7 session will register for classes off-campus (remotely) during a select June date (which you choose when you register for CI). More details are available in GW 101. Transfer students can sign up for classes as soon as their deposit is processed. 

Question: How do I get to campus?
Answer: GW has its own metro stop – Foggy Bottom, which is accessible from the blue, silver, and orange lines. If you are taking an Uber, Lyft, or cab, you’ll want to set your map to drop you off at Thurston Hall, 1900 F Street, NW. Orientation leaders will be at the Foggy Bottom metro stop the morning of day 1 to help direct students. If flying, we recommend flying into Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA).

Question: Is there programming offered for the parents?
Answer: We do not offer in-person programming for family members during June CI sessions. If a parent or family member is traveling with you, we recommend that person take the time to explore DC! Over move-in weekend (August 25) we will have programming and information for family members. Check out our Family Orientation page for more details. 

Question: What does remote registration mean?
Answer: If you are signed up for CI 7 – August CI session for freshmen, then you are prompted to select CI 2, 3, 4, or 5 to register for classes remotely in your CI registration. This means you will register for your fall semester classes on the second day of one of those dates, wherever you are; you do not come to DC in June.  More details are provided in the CI application and confirmation email.

Question: Do I have to bring my laptop?
Answer: If you are signed up to attend a June CI session, you will register for fall semester classes on day 2. If you have a laptop, we recommend bringing it to ensure you are able to register right at the beginning of the registration block. If you don’t have a laptop, we will have computers available.

Question: If I’m attending an August CI session, where will I be staying and what time do I need to be at my program?
Answer: If you are an international student, you will move in to your fall semester housing assignment 2-3 days prior to the start of your CI session (~August 20th). If you are a domestic student (freshman or transfer) you will move into your fall semester housing assignment the day before your CI session. For freshmen that is August 22nd and for transfer students that is August 23rd. Programming for freshman during August begins on the morning of August 23rd (around 8:30/9:00 a.m.). Programming for transfer students begins the morning of August 24th. Questions about the move-in date, time, etc. should be directed to [email protected]. You have to be registered for an August CI session to gain approval to move in early.

Question: How do I sign up for a pre-semester program?
Answer: On April 23rd, students can sign up for a pre-semester co-curricular activity (Adventure Bound trips, Community Building Community, and LEADGW) through the eservices portal (where you signed up for housing and for CI). More information about these programs can be found on our website under Pre-Semester Programs, including who to contact if you have questions.

If you have any questions about CI, contact CI Headquarters at (202) 994-GWCI (4924) or via email to [email protected].