Informing Families

The Office of Student Support and Family Engagement (SSFE) understands that transitioning a student to life at college can be a time of change for family members and students.  It is our hope that you will feel more connected to the GW community by providing you with information on relevant resources, campus news, updates and deadlines.  To keep up with campus news, be sure to check out the various communication methods below:

GW Family Listserv provides family members with relevant news items and special notices.  The listserv is distributed via email to members of the Parents' Association.  All parent/family members of undergraduate students are members of the Parents' Association.

SSFE Monthly Newsletter is produced each month of the academic year (August through May), to provide families timely information on campus resources, upcoming events, and helpful tips to ensure your students' success.  

First Class Parent Module serves as a guide for you as your student transitions into his/her first year at GW.  You will learn about their academic journey and requirements, as well as find answers to other questions you have about life at GW.  The module is updated throughout the academic year, so check back for new postings and information.  Please email our office ([email protected]) if you have not received your First Class login information.  First Class login information for the Class of 2021 will be available starting May 1st.