November 2017 Newsletter

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Greetings from GW! 
Thank you to all the families, alumni, students, and friends who attended Colonials Weekend 2017!  It was a pleasure having you on campus and we hope that the weekend provided you with an opportunity to spend time with your student, enjoy campus, and learn about the resources available at GW.  We look forward to seeing you again next year.  Click here to view a recap of the weekend.  
November is here and it's a busy month for GW.  Spring course registration, Thanksgiving Break, and final exams are right around the corner and some students may begin to feel a little overwhelmed by the number of deadlines they have in the coming weeks.  Remind your student of all they have accomplished and continue to encourage them to do their very best- your support is invaluable to them!  Below you will find important information to prepare you and your student for the remainder of the semester.  Additionally, if your student is unable to travel home for the Thanksgiving Break, please encourage him/her to attend a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with our new university President and his wife at their home, on campus (additional information below).    
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with peace, love and great joy! 

Dr. Tracy Arwari
Director, Student Support and Family Engagement
Students can begin to register for their Spring 2018 courses on November 13th, so please encourage them to check for any holds that might prevent them from registering on time.  One of the most common holds is due to having a balance of more than $1,000 on your student account.  For more information about holds, please visit: Your student can check GWeb or the GW Mobile App's Registrar section for any financial or administrative holds on their account.  If you have any additional questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected].  

More than ten years ago, President and Mrs. LeBlanc began a special Thanksgiving tradition, inviting students to their table to give them a home for the holiday and a classic taste of American culture. This dinner not only became a treat for the students, but a rich learning experience for the LeBlancs, as they connected with students of various backgrounds and nationalities. 

Now, the LeBlancs wish to extend their family tradition to the GW community by hosting students who cannot make it home for the holiday in their new campus home, the historic F Street House.  

Dinner will be served at the F Street House, which is located at 1925 F Street, NW, at the corner of 20th and F streets.  The dinner will be from 4pm-6pm on November 23rd and will feature a traditional Thanksgiving meal and an opportunity to meet and talk with the LeBlancs and other students who are here for the break. 
Space is limited so it is important that you confirm your attendance below only if you know you will be able to attend this event with the LeBlancs.  Once you sign up for the dinner we will confirm with you and expect to see you there on the 23rd unless you contact us no later than the 22nd and let us know that your plans have changed. 
THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23 | 4:00PM - 6:00PM | 1925 F STREET NW
The Thanksgiving break provides an opportunity for you to speak with your student, help prepare them for the final weeks of fall, and support them in ending the semester successfully.  Your student has come a long way in the past few months.  They are making their own decisions regarding every aspect of their life: when to eat, study, seek medical attention, socialize, and sleep!  This independence might be challenging for the whole family as they begin to pave their own path
We understand that when students are home, they are expected to follow the rules that guide each family and household, however, with a little planning and communication, the holidays can continue to be enjoyable for everyone.  Keep in mind that your student may have changed as they transition from adolescence to early adulthood.  It's natural, inevitable, and it can be inspiring.  Discuss home expectations in advance and keep the lines of communication open.  Try not to remove all the freedoms that your student has become accustomed to over the past few months.  Before you know it, they will be back to their home away from home. 

Starting a conversation with your son or daughter about grades may be completely natural for some families and more awkward for others.  It’s common for students at all levels to struggle to find balance between their academic and personal lives, especially if they are new to campus. For some students, this becomes apparent when they receive their first grade for an exam or project. For others, it can take a while. Now is a good time to talk with your student about their academic progress and lessons they have learned thus far.  A few questions to begin the dialogue include:
  • What do you like best or least about your classes?
  • Which of your classes is most or least interesting to you and why?
  • Have you found a good place to study?
  • What are some strategies you’re using to manage your course workload?
  • Are you aware of the academic support resources on campus?
  • What classes are you planning to take next semester?
Winter Break & Spring Early Arrival Housing
Undergraduate residence halls will close on December 21, 2017 at 5pm and will reopen on January 13 at 8:30am.  An improper check-out fee of $250 will be assessed to any student who does not vacate their residence hall by that time and is not approved for Winter Break Housing. 
The Winter Break Housing Policy allows approved students to remain in housing during the winter break period or students to return early for the spring semester.  Only students who have requested and been approved for Winter Break or Spring Early Arrival housing will have access to their residence hall and/or room during this time.  The Winter Break Housing request form is available until November 17th at 5pm and the Spring Early Arrival request form is available until December 20th at 5pm.  Both forms can be found at GW Housing e-Services
Fall Move-out
Students who have Fall Only housing, cancelled their 2018 spring housing assignment, or who are not planning to return to GW for the 2018 spring semester must move out of their residence hall by 5pm on Friday, December 21st.  Due to the university closing for winter holidays, GW Housing is unable to provide an extended stay housing option.  
Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF)
The KACIF Application is now open!  The GW Career Services Council established the Knowledge in Action Career Internship Fund (KACIF) to encourage GW students to pursue high-quality, necessarily unpaid internships that foster their career exploration and enhance their academic program, while reducing the financial challenges associated with unpaid internships. Review eligibility requirements and information about the award and the application process below to help you prepare to apply for the award.
Nonprofit & Government Career Fair- November 17th
Students from all majors are invited to ateend the NonProfit & Government Career Fair on November 17th from 11:30am-3:00pm. The Non-Profit and Government Career Fair is an exciting collaborative event between George Washington University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, and Women's Foreign Policy Group to educate students from all majors and academic backgrounds about non-profit and government organization career paths within their field of study.  Students can RSVP now in Handshake!  

Are you looking for storage or shipping options while your student is studying abroad?  View the information below for a list of GW authorized vendors:
Storage Squad offers pickup or delivery year round and prices items on a per-term (summer or semester) basis. They deliver free packing supplies on campus to students who sign up for their storage or shipping services. Visit Storage Squad GW to view pricing and schedule your appointment.

The UPS Store offers room pickup and delivery.  Sign up online (, by phone  (202-457-8166), or visit the on-campus store located at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
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