Stay Informed

The university experience can be a big transition for both you and your student.  At GW, we believe that parents and family members are valuable partners in the work we do to inspire the success of our students. The Office for Student Success strives to keep you well-informed and connected to your student through a variety of communication methods, family engagement opportunities and events on campus. 

Although our focus will be on your student, there are a variety of resources specifically designed to help parents and families adjust to the transition:

  • The Family Resource Module- Serves as a guide for you as your student transitions into his/her first year at GW.  You will learn about their academic journey and requirements, as well as find answers to other questions you have about life at GW such as how to pay your bill, how the dining plan works, student support resources, FERPA, financial/student account information, and much more. (Login/Password information will be provided in May)
  • GW Family Newsletter- Provides families with timely information on campus resources/services to support your student, helpful tips and suggestions, important dates, upcoming events, etc. (Distributed each month from August through April)
  • GW Family Blogs- Articles written by staff, Family Ambassadors, and current students sharing their personal experience on topics such as move-in, social/academic adjustment to college, family transition, etc. 
  • GW Family Webinars- Presented by various campus partners focusing on specific topics related to your student’s transition to campus and college life.