Student Resources

As faculty members you may find that a student comes to you with concerns they have about an aspect of their life at GW that does not necessarily relate to your class or area of expertise, below are resources you may direct your students to based on their concern. As always, you may submit a CARE report about a student to ensure they get the appropriate support and outreach.

  • For academic concerns such as tutoring, academic support or accommodations, SSFE has a list of academic support resources here.
  • If a student comes to you about difficulty they are experiencing in their residence hall, we encourage you to file a CARE report about this situation; the student will then be contacted by the professional staff members responsible for their residence hall to best find a solution to this problem.
  • The Colonial Health Center is available to students in the event they need medical care while at GW. If your student has expressed that they have been sick, encourage them to visit CHC to get medical care. You may also file a CARE report in this situation.
  • Students may express they are having difficulties due to a family or financial situation, offer them support in this situation, but you may also file a CARE report for this student. Once a CARE report is received, the student will receive outreach from an appropriate campus partner such as the Office of Financial Assistance or through the Center for Student Engagement.