Supporting Your Student Through Midterms

Dear GW families,

We hope that your students are enjoying being back on campus after a restful summer and that they are on their way to having a successful semester.  Your students are getting ready to begin their midterm exams, and as this can be a stressful time, we wanted to ensure that you are able to offer support for your students during this time by guiding them toward various on-campus resources.  Please also encourage your student to take care of themselves, academically and personally. 

     The GW Tutoring Initiative (now merged with GW STEMworks) offers GW students 10 free hours of tutoring per year, in a number of subjects across the university.

     In addition to the GW Tutoring Initiative, many departments and programs offer tutoring; encourage your student to find out from their faculty members if departmental-sponsored tutoring is offered for their classes.


     The Writing Center offers students help with papers for classes at GW. If your student thinks they may want the support of the Writing Center, encourage them to make an appointment early as they fill up fast!


     Encourage your students to take advantage of the resources they have right in the classroom! Faculty members are required to offer office hours for students to get additional support in their classes, ask questions, or find out more about the requirements for a given assignment.

     In addition to their faculty members, teaching assistants (when applicable) often have office hours and can also be incredibly helpful.


     Mental Health Services offers walk-in counseling as well as appointments. Every student has access to six free sessions at Mental Health Services per year. Mental Health Services also offers group counseling as well; including sessions on stress management.

     For more information on MHS please visit: 


     Gelman Library is open 24/7 and has librarians on staff ready to help your student with research.


     Eckles Library on the Mount Vernon Campus offers a host of resources for students from how to secure resources for a paper to group tutoring for economics, mathematics, and chemistry.  


     If your student needs academic accommodations, encourage them to visit Disability Support Services (DSS) as soon as possible.

In addition to the academic support resources on campus, encourage your student to prepare early, they shouldn’t wait until the night before to study for an exam.  Let your student know you are there to support their success as you guide them to the resources on campus.