What to Bring

If you are attending a June CI session on-campus, we recommend you bring the following:

  1. A positive attitude and an open mind! College is different and transition is hard. We are a community who cares about one another and respect and inclusion of all people is a number one priority. We hope you come with that mindset, too.
  2. GWID, NetID, and password. These are important to have with you/know as a student!
  3. A copy of your draft schedule and the multiple class options that fit the requirements and curriculum for your first year. This way, you have flexibility in scheduling classes. It's also good to bring along any academic information or questions you may have in preparation for registering for classes in June.
  4. A laptop (if you own one) for course registration on day 2. If you don't have one or can't bring one, one will be provided to you during registration.
  5. Documentation of any AP or IB scores (if you have them) or grades from previous institutions, as well as a copy of your unofficial transcript.
  6. Comfortable clothes and shoes! CI is casual and you'll be moving around a lot.
  7. Rain jacket and/or umbrella (note: D.C. summers tend to be hot and humid with brief rain showers and rooms for sessions can get chilly!)
  8. Spending money (we will cover your meals during sessions, but it's never a bad idea to have a little cash on ya!)
  9. If you're attending a June session, we will provide basic amenities such as sheets, pillows, and toilet paper for your stay on campus, but if you want to be a bit more comfortable, then we recommend bringing a blanket and/or pillow of your own.

PLEASE NOTE: the Colonial Health Center will NOT be accepting hard copy immunization forms during CI.

In an effort to provide GW students integrated and holistic care, the Colonial Health Center is proud to introduce our new Electronic Health Record system! 
Beginning July 1st, incoming students will have the opportunity to easily submit their immunization reocrds online. Visit healthcenter.gwu.edu/immunizations for additional details.